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A beef between Common and Ice Cube soon ensued as the latter took offense to lyrics in "I Used to Love H. With his following two albums, Though still focusing on music with a message, Common created an experimental and quite gutsy album that drew from an eclectic mix of genres as well as supporting artists.

The album was met with more criticism than praise, and many accused Common’s then-girlfriend Eryka Badu of diverting the emcee from his tried-and-true craft.

Once it wrapped, that’s when their love fest ensued and now they’re allegedly all wrapped in love. Common has been linked to several high-profile celebrities such as Serena Williams, Taraji P.

Now comes word that the Jurassic Park star, 48, and the rapper, 43, are indeed 'dating' and getting to know one another Common, a rapper based in Chicago who is known for his politically the band also performed a Pops concert in 2012.It was a long time coming, but Common was finally able to achieve both artistic success as well as a substantial amount of commercial success. If you thought Common and Regina Hall were dating, you weren't alone. The Academy Award winning rapper recently cleared it all up telling The Breakfast Club that ...Personally I have never even dated within my own race so I obviously DISAGREE with Commons views on this. And currently I have a beautiful half Dominican baby named Mars who wouldn’t be in this world if I had the same opinion as Common. TOUCH: So you don’t agree with mixed race relationships?

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is a backronym with various meanings, one of which happens to be “B-boy Elevation.” Common’s 2005 release was just that: an elevation and embrace towards his b-boy roots and essence of hip-hop.

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