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From July 25 thru the end of the season he was 1-1 w/a 1.14 ERA in 17 outings (23.2IP, 24H, 3ER, 6BB, 16K) & from August 18 on he was 0-1 w/a 1.18 ERA in 12 outings (15.1IP, 16H, 2ER).u Was optioned to AAA Buffalo out of spring training but was recalled 2 days later after CC Sabathia was injured on opening night...A Collaboration between Brooks and Baseball Prospectus - Pitch classifications provided by Pitch Info LLC Although he has not thrown an MLB pitch in 2017, Jason Davis threw 796 pitches that were tracked by the PITCHf/x system between 20, all of them occuring in the MLB Regular Season.Chaka Khan should be worried about the people with whom her son is hanging out. READ MORE Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis waddled into court today for his post heroin/DUI arrest checkup, where a judge was satisfied with Gum's progress in a Bev. READ MORE Everybody's heard of a having a smoke break -- but having a smoke break in between kisses ... We're unsure if she was trying to get the taste of Gummi out of…You can also find products that can help you with your financial goals.

I’m proud to say I work with a financially sound and stable company like Allstate.

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READ MORE Gummi Bear's new make-out partner looked pleased with the nickname we came up with for her -- and it sure beats him comparing her to an "older sister." "Flowers in the Attic" anyone? READ MORE If there was a gun to your head, would you rather kiss former plus-sized, flesh eating virus laden jerk Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis (left) or miniscule real life troll doll Verne Troyer (right)?

Is a regular visitor to area hospitals as part of the "Tribe Loving Care" program at the Ronald Mc Donald House of Cleveland and is a very active member of the Cleveland community - participating in a free baseball clinic with Cleveland State University for kids from the RBI Program, Signature Sunday, the Grand Slam for Literacy, Dick's Sporting Goods "Shop with a Pro" and various Cleveland Baseball Federation events...

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With Buffalo was 4 for 5 in save chances and allowed just 1 extra base hit...

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