Updating from hardy to intrepid against dating interracial

And due to this even my screen resolution was not the one intended. I tried to install the older nvidia drivers that i used in Hardy (and Sathya was the one who suggested!! I tried that, only to find out that it was not at all compliant with the new xserver-xorg-video. Is it for the new theme, that can also so be applied in hardy? Is it because one would get latest versions of the softwares that could also be obtained in hardy by adding repositories? Is it for the new nautilus in Intrepid with tabs that could also be upgraded in hardy?

There are some rules though: This is the file which holds a list of all the repositories to be used by apt-get command (and the rest of the apt commands) to manage packages on your Ubuntu system.

This is because the 8.04 LTS version is a long term support release and 8.10 is a regular release.

Upgrades from 8.04 LTS to 8.10 are fully supported, of course, and easy to enable.

To start the upgrade process, just click the Upgrade button on top.

I have not-so-fast a connection when it comes to downloading a DVD. I even allocated HD and swap space for that and was just waiting to install it. The first thing was that the live CD was hanging during boot(sort of Kernel Panic), the same way Gusty used to. ) The worst thing was nvidia driver will not install.

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