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Sure, you need to make friends with your boss and co-workers to get a promotion or you want to improve your cooking skills, but when will you have the time to actually eat a meal or get some decent sleep or, heck, use the bathroom?However, managing the lives of your sims is in some way all in service to seeing what they will do, how they will react, or—better still—what sorts of little domestic comedies and tragedies will play out before your eyes as you efficiently manage the more mundane details of their lives.Once Sims gain celebrity status, it won't decrease or be lost, thus Sims will permanently become a celebrity unless a cheat is used and the star count is set to zero.Sims who are celebrities have an additional journal in their Simology panel: Celebrity Journal.I sold my table and chairs ( they will eat standing), the extra cabinet and the tv.

First, thing that is very important is selling what isn't needed right away.

After this is done head to the Hobby shop ( you can hit the select button or just walk out the front door and click on the floating city icon).

Purchase a fishing kit at first from the Hobby shop. Then sell the fish at the Quickmart Catfish sell for 25 Snapper sell for 45 Trout sell for 50 Salmon 65 Tuna 100 Plus residents like Anya (catfish for 200), Johnny, and Nina will pay top dollar for fish.

If they don't know the Sims or dislike them, they won't allow them to enter.

There are several ways to become a celebrity and obtain celebrity points to level up to a higher status.

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