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Prosecutor Gillian Wade told the court that when police raided Syme’s home in December they found 283 indecent photos of children and 107 indecent videos.Miss Wade said: “The accused confirmed that he had set up fake profiles on his Bebo pages in the names of Niki D and Beth J. Cox/The Galveston County Daily News via AP) " data-medium-file=", which wrapped up its sixth and final season Sunday night, arrived on the scene in 2012 with a bang—if you can use that word to describe what Adam and Hannah did together on that dingy Brooklyn couch.

CONVERSATION ON PHONE BETWEEN A BOY AND GIRL WHO HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 5 MONTHS: Boy: Hey, hun! Girl: ..long pause Girl: (with a tear in her eye) Look, I think we should break up. Girl: I love you.-click- THE GIRL DOESN’T COME TO SCHOOL FOR 3 MORE WEEKS AND DOESNT ANSWER HER PHONE. When girls get to a certain age they go through puberty and start to menstruate (have periods).There are other changes that happen too – girls develop breasts and pubic hair.

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