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Agents approached Haggerty and the girl on Thursday while the pair headed toward a taxi. The girl told authorities that she met Haggerty on the chat app Kik in December.Haggerty said he felt he was doing nothing wrong because he knew the girl was 17, over the age of consent in the U. She said Haggerty had become controlling and forbade her to speak to other men.The girl alerted her older sister, who was also in the library, who then called their mother.“Listening to (the girl) describe the suspect’s actions, he was clearly predatory,” the sergeant wrote.“Moore moved from another part of the library, positioned himself directly across from her and began videotaping and photographing her, including zooming in on her crotch area of her pants.”First-degree voyeurism, for which Moore was charged Monday, describes the crime as photographing for sexual purposes the “intimate area” of another person without their consent in a place where they have a “reasonable expectation of privacy."Deputy Scott Wilson, spokesman for the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office, said Moore is required to register with the office. The detective wrote that Florent told him the girl had claimed to be a high school senior, and that "he assumed she was 18 years of age." Under Louisiana juvenile sex crime law, lack of knowledge of the child's age "shall not be a defense." According to court records, Florent is free after posting a ,000 bond, and is due back in court Sept. He also had to sign a protective order barring him from contact with the girl.Florent could not be reached for comment on his arrest.Investigators tracked the child porn to Moore’s address in Poulsbo.

After his arrest, but while the girl was still with authorities, Haggerty called the girl's cellphone from a phone in the Rocky River Police Department booking cell.

Moore showed the sergeant the photos he took of the girl, which included video and photos, some of which were zoomed into her “crotch region.” The girl was wearing pants, according to the report.

Moore was convicted in 2009 of possession of child pornography after Seattle Police alerted local authorities of child porn being uploaded to the internet from Kitsap County.

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