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Read on to hear him speak about handling the "large extra burden" created by the decision to also release Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch, what changed during this process, how the game's controls ended up improving - and how his team briefly considered making Link female.

Let's start with the latest Breath of the Wild trailer. There were several familiar characters and faces - fans spotted the Deku Tree, for example, and the Koroks.

There's continued speculation on where the game might fit within the timeline that we know. Are people on the right track with theories that it follows Wind Waker?

It was the first time we had glimpsed some of the game's core elements, our first proper look beyond its starting Plateau, and our introduction to Zelda.With it being January, you are obligated to consider whether or not you will actually work out this year (it's worth it, right? After finally running out of private pools where my face was welcome, I needed a new way to stay fit.So like many before me, I took to the Internet in search of a cheap gym membership.I have used Udemy and definitely recommend it myself.Tobii 4C Eye Tracker for 0 The Tobii Eye Tracker provides incredibly accurate eye and head tracking to your PC. I recommend Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - eye tracking in this game is exceptional.

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