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Undertale, and it's characters belong to Toby Fox. He had a large blocky body like mine and papyrus'. THERE WILL BE VIOLENCE, DO NOT READ IF YOU' RE EASILY TRIGGERED! I'm still off but I decided to be nice and update this story for you guys. The man wore a tuxedo that seemed to melt at his feet.

It is an incredibly simple thing to do and can sometimes make a massive difference. Symptoms were varied, ranging from a completely non-responsive mouse, to mouse-lag, to certain mouse functions failing to work.

That's me." I felt my anxiety slither up my spine and bite me with its venomous poison. I clung onto the flame monster tighter and he looked down at me.

But I d-do know you're a bad dude.." I don't know how I knew this, I just did.

Navigate to Central Administration / Application Management / Web Applications Click New Authentication: Select either Claims or Classic depending on your requirements.

I will select “Classic” IIS Web Site: Create a new IIS web site (enter your details as per your requirements) Authentication Provider: Select your preferred provider based on your requirements.

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