Eom dating terms

This is particularly important for cash-strapped businesses or companies with no revolving lines of credit.

Companies with higher profit margins are more likely to offer cash discounts.

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Providing a small cash discount would be beneficial for the seller as it would allow him to have access to the cash sooner.

You define a payment term by using a one-, two-, or three-character combination of these types of characters: For example, you might use A1%, which combines all three types of characters, for a percentage payment term code.1%/10 net 30 represents the credit terms and payment requirements outlined by a seller.The vendor may offer incentives to pay early to accelerate the inflow of cash.Webmasters: You may download any of the games on this page and post them to your own website, provided that you do not modify the games in any way and that you obey our terms of use.Email notification: We add new games to this page regularly, so check back often!

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