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When it was announced that Rachel Lindsay would be the Bachelorette — the first black woman to take the position — I wondered how the producers would handle it.

I also wondered how it would make the show different, and how it would stay the same.

Cofounded in 2013 by tech-savvy brothers Brian, 28, and Justin Gerrard, 30 and friend Jordan Kunzika, 22, a first-generation, Angolan-American, Bae grew out of a conversation that came up over a dinner for young entrepreneurs in NYC.

When the topic turned to online dating, the three began to discuss the difficulties that their peers were facing when trying to meet people on Tinder and other apps.“For many of our friends of color, particularly black men and women, the experience on mass-marketing dating apps like Tinder and Match was unfulfilling, and at times degrading,” says Justin Gerrard.

We become convinced that white people truly are beautiful, and we are not. Too often, the black community abandons itself, refusing to acknowledge its own beauty, seeking for love elsewhere.

What I wasn't prepared for is how many real moments I would see for a show that is arguably an unrealistic reality show about people getting engaged after less than two months of "dating." The first moment that brought me back to reality was when the season kicked off with Rachel meeting her first four suitors on After the Final Rose.

Each man gets to make a quick first impression with Rachel, and when it is Dean's turn, he says, "I'm ready to go black and I'm never going to go back." This is hardly the first time this phrase has been said in our culture.

I was led to believe that the only romantic future possible lay in white bodies. Cultural imperialism is the idea that society “tak[es] the culture of the ruling class and establish[es] it as the norm.” In other words, we live in a white supremacist world, where power and capital is disproportionately concentrated in the hands of white communities and individuals.

This power and capital then moves beyond the material; our society’s norms―how we define everything, including beauty―are all white-centric. And thus to be not white―to be black―is to be ugly.

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Women of contact black women online often exoticize them.

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